Angels, Hatred, Oasis,Toilets and of course – Cats.

Yes, its been ages since the last post.  But I really am back on track. My chemicals have been refreshed, the bulk loader fed seventeen metres of Fomapan 400 for the wide angles and I’ve dusted off all my dark room equipment.  I hope to have developed my back log of ten or so exposed films very soon. However in the meantime, posts will not be in any chronological order as my back log film canisters live in total anarchy in a Tupperware box!

When it comes to developing, I have purposely been selecting the faster films from the pile as there is a very good chance they would have been shot with either my Leica Standard/Heliar 15mm or my Leica ic/Skopar21  and its the wide angles that always delight me the most.

Here is a selection of wide angle shots from over the last few months. All shots taken on Fomapan 400 and developed in LC29.  Hope you enjoy:angel meepTook my angels to West Norwood Cemetery for a little photoshoot.  Well OK I went shooting while my girlfriend and daughter went in search of rare and wonderful spooky Pokemons

angel meep 2Little Meeps was happy to pose for me :D

West NorwoodWest Norwood Cemetery


This image disturbs me. Not because of the immigration theme, nor the fact that this kind of information has to be shared through flyers in targeted areas, but because of the hatred that drove someone to vandalise the sign and try to tear out all the vital details.

this is why i love the 15mmThis great bit of Street Art in Waterloo is designed to look torn up. I simply love how the 15mm can cram so much into a frame and make it look so dynamic!

bankI love wandering around enjoying the tranquility of the heart of the city in the weekends, Its such a contrast from the buzzing rat race during the working week.   I really cannot remember if I used hyperfocal or just set the lens for infinity for this shot. Either way i think it came out spectacularly.

Camley street -  kings crossFound this great little oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Kings Cross. Camley Street nature reserve and wholefoods cafe. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

shit londonThis guy was cool. For some reason he took a shining to my Leica and insisted I take a photo of him. Well, in those circumstances and with such a unique piece of street art right in front of you, it would be rude not to get them to pose. :)

cat that walks aloneAnd finally no post is complete without a photo of a cat!  This little moggy was quite bold and really happy to receive a little fussing. The neighbours told me that he lives in a house next to a main road and has been run over a couple of times.  That explains how the poor bugger lost his tail.

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