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Holy Rollers, Secret Societies and Skeletons

Here are some of the results from a fun roll of Fomapan 400 ive shot in the wonderful Leica Standard/Heliar 15mm set up. I was fortunate enough to be passing St. Pancras Hotel when this amazing Silver Wraith was parked outside. Caught eye contact with the chauffeur, pointed to my …

My wonderful angel Meeps

delights from a back log of films to develop

Just like most of the film photographers I know, I’ve a pile of exposed films that need developing but for the life of me cannot remember what images are captured on them. Slowly I’m working my way through them and occasionally am delighted when I discover a real gem of …

Leica Standard / Heliar 15mm  Fomapan 400 / lc29

Delights from the mountain of undeveloped film

I’ve a mountain of undeveloped films I have shot over the year sitting on my desk. I’m slowly ploughing my way through developing them and as I have absolutely no idea of what shoot they are from, each is a total delight when I see the results:   I desperately …

Fire breathing dragon

here there be dragons

Im currently doing a photo project around the City of London Dragons.  Just to whet your appetites, here’s a fire breathing guardian on the Embankment.   That’s white hot steam coming from the dragons nostrils and not a cloud – honest! 

In Covent Garden sometime last year there was an installation of hundreds of white spheres. Great for imitation bokeh.


I’m still in the process of developing a whole stack of exposed films that have accumulated over the last year on my desk. None of the canisters are dated or marked with its contents so each is a total delight when i see the negatives.  Thankfully I never push or …

Copperfield Street Prowler.
Leica Standard / Heliar 15mm

Hills, cliffs, cats and narcissism

I’m finally getting around to developing the mountain of exposed rolls of film that is currently taking over any available space on my worktop. I’m sure most film photographers can sympathise with that feeling of dread whenever you look at that pile of little cylinders which equate to hours of …