My colourful and beautiful Leicas

My colourful and beautiful Leicas

Unfortunately Leica vulcanite covers do become brittle and are easily chipped. Once a tiny piece has chipped off it really is a matter of weeks before you find chunks of the stuff in the bottom of your camera bag. Of course the Leica will still work perfectly with a tatty old cover, or you could choose to replace it.

Many Leicarites think its sacrilege to use anything other than Leica black, or like me, you could choose to break the stuffy norm and go for something less conventional.

My iiif was the first camera to receive one of cameraleather’s new covers. After three years the cover still looks great, it only has slight scuff marks on the back where my thumb constantly rubs.

The M3 has Griptac. this grey rugged stuff really does give a firm hold in your hands which is reassuring when i shoot with the heavy Elmar 9cm.

And finally my little Standard in Tan looks fantastic – she matches my Billingham and brogue boots :)

Personally I wouldn’t recommend chipping away the original vulcanite just to replace it with something colourful. But when the inevitable happens, then I highly recommend

And yes, they do do black.


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