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Leica Standard / Heliar 15mm  Fomapan 400 / lc29

Delights from the mountain of undeveloped film

I’ve a mountain of undeveloped films I have shot over the year sitting on my desk. I’m slowly ploughing my way through developing them and as I have absolutely no idea of what shoot they are from, each is a total delight when I see the results:   I desperately …

Copperfield Street Prowler.
Leica Standard / Heliar 15mm

Hills, cliffs, cats and narcissism

I’m finally getting around to developing the mountain of exposed rolls of film that is currently taking over any available space on my worktop. I’m sure most film photographers can sympathise with that feeling of dread whenever you look at that pile of little cylinders which equate to hours of …

Meeps chilling with her beloved skateboard

Skatergirl Meeps.

The last few months have been tough at Cloudy Heights. My partner and I have battled with problem neighbours, troubles at work, illnesses and death in our families. Throughout these trials I have still been shooting but the time consuming developing process had to take a back burner. However, this …


Street shooting with @Palaeoboy

I love getting lost on the streets and just shooting whatever takes my fancy. I lose myself in ‘the zone’ – I’m caught up in my own thoughts, intensely studying the light, the crowd and environment. My mind is whirring with calculations working out the best DoF and geometry to …

watching the penguins swim by

Project Meeps

Meeps is the pet name of my little angel – the name stuck after we made a silly game ages ago where if one of us presses the others nose, they then have to say ‘Meep!’ I spent the entire of last week photographing her to practise various photographing skills …