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Standard / Skopar 21 - White Bicycle, Camberwell

Musings on my Wideys and a Cure for Headaches.

Heliar 15mm For my Birthday my girlfriend treated me to a beautiful Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar Aspherical 15mm f/4.5 Lens.  I love the possibilities this lens offers but in practice I’m really suffering trying to tame it. You have to get in close – the lenses near focus is just .3m and …

Voigtlander Heliar 15mm lens test.

Cloudy has gone superwide!

I have recently bought a lovely Voigtlander Heliar 15mm Super Wide lens for my Standard. The focal distance makes my Skopar 21mm seem compact. With this wide angle I plan to only use Ektar or similar c41 colour film, so, due to the fact that I need at least 10 …

And then you are ready to go out and play!!

How to load a Fed Zarya

In response to Steve on my Fed Zarya post - its sounds like you are missing the ‘take up’ spool. I’ve heard of many an unscrupulous Ebay sale of a working FSU camera but arrives without the spool. Personally I wont use Ebay as I’ve been stung before. Its what …

The GildWitt

The GildWitt

A GildWitt isn’t a rare breed of pedigree dog, its the result of going out Street shooting while being under the influence of too many different styles. The 21mm is great for ‘in yer face’ style of Bruce Gilden (although I wouldn’t flash my subjects – that’s far too obtrusive …

'Sheepdogging' - Summaron 35 3.5 / Standard

Nifty fifty or wide thirty five ?

Yesterday, a friend of mine had a few hours to spare in the big smoke. So Tony (@coldkennels) called me for a spot of street shooting and a quick beer. As always, our conversations mainly consisted of saying ‘Leica’ over a hundred times and playing with each others prize possessions. …