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My wonderful angel Meeps

delights from a back log of films to develop

Just like most of the film photographers I know, I’ve a pile of exposed films that need developing but for the life of me cannot remember what images are captured on them. Slowly I’m working my way through them and occasionally am delighted when I discover a real gem of …

Fire breathing dragon

here there be dragons

Im currently doing a photo project around the City of London Dragons.  Just to whet your appetites, here’s a fire breathing guardian on the Embankment.   That’s white hot steam coming from the dragons nostrils and not a cloud – honest! 

In Covent Garden sometime last year there was an installation of hundreds of white spheres. Great for imitation bokeh.


I’m still in the process of developing a whole stack of exposed films that have accumulated over the last year on my desk. None of the canisters are dated or marked with its contents so each is a total delight when i see the negatives.  Thankfully I never push or …

Night walk (Nokton 30th 1.5)

Rollei Retro 80S black & white film

My local Silversmiths had a box of Rollei Retro 80s on their counter and as I’m a sucker for slow film and always hankering after a good alternative to the extinct ADOX 50chs, I decided to throw a couple of rolls into my trolley. I like the old style slow …

Who says us old film fogies can't take selfies !

I’m still about!

I havn’t posted anything for a while as I’ve been spending a lot of time with my loved ones. So Just to whet your appetites until the next post – heres a few of photos of my beautiful little angel Taken with various Leica kit, Fomapan/Fomadon.

New Years Eve from my rooftop

Happy 2015

Happy New Year. And my first post this year is unashamedly taken with a digital camera!!!! Spent last night on my rooftop celebrating with the neighbours and playing with a new camera – Yep ole Cloudy has joined the 21st century and has a digital camera. Its a sweet little …

Big Brother is still watching

A mixed bag of Goodies

It’s been a while since I uploaded ‘a week in photos’. Things have been a little hectic here in Cloudy Towers, so I haven’t really had the opportunity to do as much photography as I would like. So here is; a long overdue batch of my favourite photos over the …