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The happy couple

Cloudy does weddings !!

I always swore I would never do Wedding Photography. Why? Because for many different reasons I will only use film cameras. My cameras are clanky and old; their rightful place should be on the shelves of some dusty photographic museum. And with any 50 to 60 year old mechanical object, …

RAF museum Colindale

Praktica MTL50 / Super Takumar 55mm/F2

One great thing about being a film photographer is that you are given lots of dusty old film cameras. In the past I’ve received some weird and wonderful plastic things and occasionally the odd gem. I was really lucky to be handed an Olympus OM2, case and a couple of …

Leica  / Elmar 9cm & Fomapan 100 / LC29

Nunhead Cemetery with Lady Heather

Last weekend my girlfriend and I went out with our dear friend Lady Heather to practice shooting. Heather makes a great model and loves the photos I shoot of her, and, I really enjoy working with Heather – so its win win all round We all share a lot of …

Leica M3 / Elmar 90.
Fomapan 100 / Rodinal 1:100

The elusive crow on a gravestone shot

For years I have been traipsing about in cemeteries waiting to capture a simple scene. A crow sitting on top of a gravestone. On one of my first escapades into cemeteries I saw the perfect shot  - It was as if the crow was some kind of menacing angel guarding …

Southwark back alleys - Leica iiif / Elmar 3.5 - Fomapan 100 / Rodinal Stand

I’m still here !

I’m still here – I’ve just been so busy at work due to the adverse weather conditions, I haven’t had the energy or time for photography. But I do have a couple of blog posts lined up. Hopefully I’ll post some recent photos this weekend. Anyways, just to whet your …

Leica M3 / Elmar 9cm f4.
Adox chs 100 / Rodinal Stand

Getting into wedding photography mode

Yeps – a couple of friends of mine has asked me to do the honours. And what better wedding pressie could I give them? Hopefully this will be their first and only wedding, and they want me to do the photos! In many years from now when all the toasters …

birds of a feather

Week in photos 15th Jan 14

The forecast for the remainder of the month is fairly mundane. As the holiday festivities have drained my wallet dry, I’m pretty well stuck in London until my next payday. However, living in central London, the West End and City are equidistant from my flat. So I still have an …

Trafalgar Square

Zero Image 35mm Basic Pinhole Camera

My wonderful girlfriend, after dropping tonnes of hints, bought me Zero Image camera for Christmas. I often play with pinhole – I really love the dreamy blurriness of a Pinhole photo. Using a 2 second exposure with 100 iso film on a sunny day makes you think differently and really …