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Royal Courts of Justice

Week in photos 31st Dec 13

My last roll of film of 2013 was dedicated to Night Photography. Wandering around the streets of London with a tripod at night can get you strange looks. No one really knows if they will be in shot or if you are even taking a photo.  - I saw a …

London Bridge 
Leica M3, Voightlander Nokton 50/1.5, Ilford Pan 400, LC29

Week in Photos 22nd Dec 13

Q: So, what do you do when its too dark after work to take photos? A: Grab your tripod, cable release,  Lunasix, a torch, winter woolies and a hipflask of brandy and go shoot! I love night photography, there is something wonderful about standing in amongst a bustling crowd, counting …

Solar Paper Cat

week in photos – 15th Dec 13

I love autumn, but the early dark evenings and having to hold down an office job, prevents me from shooting as much as I would like this time of year. So this weeks photos are a bit of a mixed bag.  A few outdoorsy photos and a couple of indoor …

week in photos – 7th Dec 13

Last Saturday me and the girlfriend were wandering into the Elephant and Castle when we heard this really cool Ska sound coming from the abandoned Heygate Estate. I couldn’t resist, I just had to jump in and take a few shots –  @Heavyballreal  (twitter) Check this out, you will love them! …

Down in the Subway 
RoBoT 1, Xenon 1.9, Ilford Pan 400, Ilfotec LC29

I love my RoBoT 1 (and time off work)

Imagine this: Its Friday afternoon and you are at work.  You have a RoBoT 1 in your bag that has been freshly loaded with Ilford Pan 400. You’ve recently bought some Ilfotec LC29 as its been recommended to you by someones work you admire. You know that by the time …

Leica M3/Elmar 2.8 - Fomapan - Ilford LC29

A while in Photos

Not been using this blog much lately because of the overwhelming amount of spam comments that I received each day. However, after going through the settings and think I’ve managed to limit how people (or bots) can post on my articles  - we will see if this has worked. Anyway, back to …

Leica M3, Elmar 9cm F4, Fomapan 100  (B&W film), Rodinal (B7W developer)

Tri Colour Magic

Tri colour is a little photography magic that has always fascinated me. Although, no matter how many times people try to explain it to me, I can not understand the science behind this technique, but I know it works – and with spectacular results. Colour photography dates back to the …

Leica M3 / Nokton 50 F1.5

A week in photos – 10th Oct 13

My week in photos blogs are well overdue  - so here is a bumper crop of shots I have  been chuffed with recently:   These White Bicycles are left around town in memory of a cyclist who died on that spot in a traffic incident. This one has been stripped …

Leica M3/Elmar 90 - Agfatronic flash - f11 - Fomapan 100  - Diafine

On The Prowl

Wandering home late at night, this little buddy came up to say hello. I’m a real pushover when it comes to friendly felines. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, or how late I am – I will always stop and spend some time with a cat.