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Photography is one of the main pleasures in my life.  It is an intricate part of who I am.  It is not a profession. If the only drive for producing images was profit then the passion and joy would fade into insignificance.

I love the challenge of new and interesting projects (within the realms of morality and the law) and very much enjoy working with all sorts of people. So if you like my style, please do get in touch and I’m sure we can arrange something. However, please bear in mind that my work does cost: the maintenance of clanky old cameras, film, chemicals and of course time developing and scanning/printing all leave me out of pocket – so I will have to charge for expenses – especially if I will have to take time out of my full time employment, or travel outside of London.

Oh just a couple of points. Please do not ask if I will shoot with digital, because the answer is simply ‘no’ and I will not photograph children apart from my own.

So, get in touch and lets make some magic together!


Leica  / Elmar 9cm & Fomapan 100 / LC29

Leica M3 / Elmar 9cm f4. Adox chs 100 / Rodinal Stand

Leica  / Elmar 9cm & Fomapan 100 / LC29


Lady Heather

Leica M3 / Elmar 9cm F4

That leather glove!

I’m also available for those special occasions too – get in touch for details Scan-140214-0001Scan-140310-0016Scan-140310-0006Scan-140310-0008Scan-140302-0042Scan-140315-0010

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