Leica M3 / Nokton 50 F1.5

A week in photos – 10th Oct 13

My week in photos blogs are well overdue  - so here is a bumper crop of shots I have  been chuffed with recently:   These White Bicycles are left around town in memory of a cyclist who died on that spot in a traffic incident. This one has been stripped …

Leica M3/Elmar 90 - Agfatronic flash - f11 - Fomapan 100  - Diafine

On The Prowl

Wandering home late at night, this little buddy came up to say hello. I’m a real pushover when it comes to friendly felines. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, or how late I am – I will always stop and spend some time with a cat.

Leica iiif / Elmar 50  - Fomapan 100 at 200 - Diafine


This little character may look cute – but she is a ferocious killing machine. Ive seen her many times scampering down the road with a bird or mouse in her mouth. Not sure if Bowie is her real name but as she has one green and one blue eye  - …

Bonnington Square cats

Bonnington Square Cats

Took a wander into the magical Bonnington Square, Vauxhall in search of moggies. Sure enough, plenty of fluffy felines were keen to pose amongst the vegetation in exchange for a neck scratch. Leica iiif / Elmar 2.8 – Fomapan 100 shot @200 – Diafine

Skippy Binraker

Skippy Binraker

This cat is rather special to me  - Skippy Binraker is my youngest cat and a very dear friend. He is the politest moggie you could ever meet, prefers broccoli over lamb and eats holes in all my jumpers. they say a house is not a home without a cat, …

All Hallows Vermin Control Officer

All Hallows Vermin Management Officer.

I was floating about amongst the dead as i do most weekends, when i was honoured to be greeted by All Hallows Vermin Management Officer. But just as i stooped to take her picture, she spotted a bird that needed Catching And Terminating. Oh well, always on call….. RoBoT Star …

I fell in love with this little sweetheart who lives somewhere round Farringdon.

The all new Cloudy Images

After the disastrous 3.6.1 WordPress update which crashed my site and then deleted all my photos, I have decided to rebuild my blog.  I’m not the happiest of bunnies with this decision, but I have been getting rather bitter about losing all my hard work – so, time to start …