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Color Skopar 21mm

Leica Standard / Heliar 15mm  Fomapan 400 / lc29

Delights from the mountain of undeveloped film

I’ve a mountain of undeveloped films I have shot over the year sitting on my desk. I’m slowly ploughing my way through developing them and as I have absolutely no idea of what shoot they are from, each is a total delight when I see the results:   I desperately …

Even Super Heroes need a break from saving the world.

Superheroes and Shopping

A mixed bag of goodies for this post – three separate films, all Ilford FP4+ and all shot with the Leica iiif and Voightlander Color Skopar 21mm. – Hope you enjoy Went uptown with Mrs Cloudy for a spot of shopping – what better excuse for a bit of ‘street’ …

On Guard - Leica Standard/ Voightlander Color Skopar 21mm

Skating, horses, trash and chains

Been crazy busy lately so have not had time for much photography let alone the developing and scanning. But as I always carry a camera I am always ready should an opportunity arise  - and here are a few of those opportunities that I have been particularly pleased with lately:

The GildWitt

The GildWitt

A GildWitt isn’t a rare breed of pedigree dog, its the result of going out Street shooting while being under the influence of too many different styles. The 21mm is great for ‘in yer face’ style of Bruce Gilden (although I wouldn’t flash my subjects – that’s far too obtrusive …


Borough Market delights

I was wandering around yesterday lunchtime, practicing street photography with my new Leica Standard / Voightlander Colour Skopar set up when I came across two wonderful ladies offering out apples at the entrance of Borough Market. My first instinct was to take a quick ‘street style’ snap and move on. …