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Fomapan 400

Wellcome Collection

Holy Rollers, Secret Societies and Skeletons

Here are some of the results from a fun roll of Fomapan 400 ive shot in the wonderful Leica Standard/Heliar 15mm set up. I was fortunate enough to be passing St. Pancras Hotel when this amazing Silver Wraith was parked outside. Caught eye contact with the chauffeur, pointed to my …

Leica Standard / Heliar 15mm  Fomapan 400 / lc29

Delights from the mountain of undeveloped film

I’ve a mountain of undeveloped films I have shot over the year sitting on my desk. I’m slowly ploughing my way through developing them and as I have absolutely no idea of what shoot they are from, each is a total delight when I see the results:   I desperately …

Leigh Cafe

Canon Demi EE28

I have always been fond of the Half Frame camera. Except for the Olympus Pen F series, Half Frames were never aimed at the professional market yet they are very capable pocket sized point and shoots. As a consumer level camera, the cameras were designed to be fully auto everything …

Voigtlander Heliar 15mm lens test.

Cloudy has gone superwide!

I have recently bought a lovely Voigtlander Heliar 15mm Super Wide lens for my Standard. The focal distance makes my Skopar 21mm seem compact. With this wide angle I plan to only use Ektar or similar c41 colour film, so, due to the fact that I need at least 10 …


Street shooting with @Palaeoboy

I love getting lost on the streets and just shooting whatever takes my fancy. I lose myself in ‘the zone’ – I’m caught up in my own thoughts, intensely studying the light, the crowd and environment. My mind is whirring with calculations working out the best DoF and geometry to …