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In Covent Garden sometime last year there was an installation of hundreds of white spheres. Great for imitation bokeh.


I’m still in the process of developing a whole stack of exposed films that have accumulated over the last year on my desk. None of the canisters are dated or marked with its contents so each is a total delight when i see the negatives.  Thankfully I never push or …

Leigh Cafe

Canon Demi EE28

I have always been fond of the Half Frame camera. Except for the Olympus Pen F series, Half Frames were never aimed at the professional market yet they are very capable pocket sized point and shoots. As a consumer level camera, the cameras were designed to be fully auto everything …

Meeps chilling with her beloved skateboard

Skatergirl Meeps.

The last few months have been tough at Cloudy Heights. My partner and I have battled with problem neighbours, troubles at work, illnesses and death in our families. Throughout these trials I have still been shooting but the time consuming developing process had to take a back burner. However, this …

On Guard - Leica Standard/ Voightlander Color Skopar 21mm

Skating, horses, trash and chains

Been crazy busy lately so have not had time for much photography let alone the developing and scanning. But as I always carry a camera I am always ready should an opportunity arise  - and here are a few of those opportunities that I have been particularly pleased with lately:


Borough Market delights

I was wandering around yesterday lunchtime, practicing street photography with my new Leica Standard / Voightlander Colour Skopar set up when I came across two wonderful ladies offering out apples at the entrance of Borough Market. My first instinct was to take a quick ‘street style’ snap and move on. …