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Leica M3

In Covent Garden sometime last year there was an installation of hundreds of white spheres. Great for imitation bokeh.


I’m still in the process of developing a whole stack of exposed films that have accumulated over the last year on my desk. None of the canisters are dated or marked with its contents so each is a total delight when i see the negatives.  Thankfully I never push or …


Street shooting with @Palaeoboy

I love getting lost on the streets and just shooting whatever takes my fancy. I lose myself in ‘the zone’ – I’m caught up in my own thoughts, intensely studying the light, the crowd and environment. My mind is whirring with calculations working out the best DoF and geometry to …

Really liked this mannequin alot.

Back alleys, buskers and bling

Drawn by the sparkle of the Christmas bright lights, the girlfriend and I ventured into the freezing cold night armed with the Leica M3, Voightlander 21mm, a couple of rolls of Ilford FP4, cable release, Lunasix lightmeter, tripod and a hipflask of ‘winter warmer’ brandy. The plan was to shoot Oxford …

I know, I really should have ask him why

A day in the life of Cloudy Images

(update 08/04/15) Since this post was written Adam has accused me of racism as I asked him to chill out. Adam made up some hypothetical scenario to explain racism and was getting himself wound up arguing with himself. As pathetic as the situation seems, it really upset me – we …