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Holy Rollers, Secret Societies and Skeletons

Here are some of the results from a fun roll of Fomapan 400 ive shot in the wonderful Leica Standard/Heliar 15mm set up. I was fortunate enough to be passing St. Pancras Hotel when this amazing Silver Wraith was parked outside. Caught eye contact with the chauffeur, pointed to my …

Leica Standard / Heliar 15mm  Fomapan 400 / lc29

Delights from the mountain of undeveloped film

I’ve a mountain of undeveloped films I have shot over the year sitting on my desk. I’m slowly ploughing my way through developing them and as I have absolutely no idea of what shoot they are from, each is a total delight when I see the results:   I desperately …

Night walk (Nokton 30th 1.5)

Rollei Retro 80S black & white film

My local Silversmiths had a box of Rollei Retro 80s on their counter and as I’m a sucker for slow film and always hankering after a good alternative to the extinct ADOX 50chs, I decided to throw a couple of rolls into my trolley. I like the old style slow …

Standard / Skopar 21 - White Bicycle, Camberwell

Musings on my Wideys and a Cure for Headaches.

Heliar 15mm For my Birthday my girlfriend treated me to a beautiful Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar Aspherical 15mm f/4.5 Lens.  I love the possibilities this lens offers but in practice I’m really suffering trying to tame it. You have to get in close – the lenses near focus is just .3m and …

Meeps chilling with her beloved skateboard

Skatergirl Meeps.

The last few months have been tough at Cloudy Heights. My partner and I have battled with problem neighbours, troubles at work, illnesses and death in our families. Throughout these trials I have still been shooting but the time consuming developing process had to take a back burner. However, this …

Who says us old film fogies can't take selfies !

I’m still about!

I havn’t posted anything for a while as I’ve been spending a lot of time with my loved ones. So Just to whet your appetites until the next post – heres a few of photos of my beautiful little angel Taken with various Leica kit, Fomapan/Fomadon.