Who is Cloud?

Cloudy lurking in a cemetery


Cloud is a London based photographer who specialises in old style film technology.

He believes that by shooting and developing with film the photographer has more choices and control over the end result. With the right skills, experience and intuition, film photography gives far superior results than digital images and photoshop manipulation. And, although the process is slower than modern day instant feedback, the final photographs are well worth the extra time and patience.


Cloud can be commonly spotted in all weathers, day and night traipsing around Central London with some sort of antiquated relic of a rangefinder camera.

He sees his world through either a wide angled or 50mm eye and in black and white.

Although his style is fundamentally capturing London street life, he does not feel himself a ‘street-shooter’ in the sense of violating others personal space to snatch a startled look on their face as you see on many ‘street’ forums and Flickr groups. Instead he likes to blend unnoticed in the crowd and capture his subjects  in tune and at one with their environment. Then slipping away again leaving nothing but a memory forever captured on his 35mm film.

Cloud also likes to capture ‘still life’ in fact dead still life. Another common place to spot him is in the Magnificent Seven cemeteries clambering over age old brambles for a mysterious and creepy shot of a stone angel that has been left undisturbed for years.

His choice of cameras are fully manual, at least 50 years old, relies purely on grey matter to calculate EV values and tend to be very heavy.

Just as his choice of camera is traditional so is his developing style. When not out shooting, Cloud can often be found at home fumbling around in the dark developing his Pan style films in Rodinal, Diafine or occasionally Caffenol.  The only modern film process he uses is to scan negatives into Tiff and jpeg format for uploading onto the internet to share.


Cloud’s equipment:

Leica M3 – Nokton 50mm / Elmar 9cm f/4

Leica Standard – Heliar 15mm

Leica iiif - Elmar, Skopar 21mm


others regular cameras:

Olympus OM2 – 24mm

Canon Demi

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